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ELIZZA reveals new single“Can’t Quit” with edgy pop sounds and glittering production

Spending the past few years honing her songwriting skills and collaborating with a slew of talented producers, ELIZZA is now bringing her new single to the world. Taking equal inspiration from pop icons such as SIA and Dua Lipa, and RnB artists like Raye and Jorja Smith, ELIZZA distils her breadth of influences down into a focused, unique, and deeply meaningful style with her latest single, “Can’t Quit”.

“This song is about those intense romantic feelings, that rush you feel when you’re in love and out of your mind: almost like an addiction that’s hard to quit.”

“Can’t Quit” is a potent insight into the addictive power of love. Inspired by the experience of an intense romantic connection that became difficult to detach from, the song deftly explores the drama created by an attachment that you can’t shake no matter how hard you try. This latest offering from ELIZZA emotively frames themes of romance and lust in edgy pop sounds and glittering production, laying down a powerful vocal performance over energetic beats that irresistibly pull you on to the dancefloor.

“The “drug” refers to that chemical feeling, the dopamine rush you feel when you’re in love: addicted to another person and out of your mind.”

After graduating from BIMM London in 2014, ELIZZA has since worked alongside several talented music producers, developing a unique sound of her very own, taking cues from pop and RnB but staying true to herself and her roots. Subsequently, her releases have been featured on BBC Introducing, Clash Magazine, Indietronica, Hype Machine, and Born Music, and more recently she appeared for an in-studio interview on the Harriette Rose show on FUBAR radio.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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