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Elizza’s new single and music video “Unhurt” out

Here’s to starting 2022 with a heart warmer, emerging UK pop singer-songwriter ELIZZA brings us a deep emotional ballad in her new single and acoustic music video “Unhurt”.

In this apology ballad, ELIZZA tells a story about the painful mistakes we make in our relationships and she wishes we could take them back and somehow heal the other person and ourselves. The lyrics, very much a poem, express the raw feelings: “I wish I could unhurt you, I wish I could…”

The accompanying acoustic music video directed by Elliot Simpson showcases a dream-like atmosphere with ELIZZA performing along with the pianist and violinist. The bare room expressing the emptiness but also creating a space for what the future holds.
About the song ELIZZA says: ”When we love deeply, we sometimes tend to take people for granted and end up doing or saying hurtful things we don’t even mean. I wish we could undo and unhurt, but we should remember that it will leave a scar that might not even fill up with time.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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