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Ethno music band “Tautumeitas” expels darkness in unusual masks

At the end of this challenging year the ethno music group “Tautumeitas” presents their latest single “Spodrē manu augumiņu” encouraging people to leave all the dark and negative in the past and look for the light within themselves. Music video will soon reach the audience in wich “Tautumeitas” will appear in unusual characters.

The song “Spodrē manu augumiņu” tells how darkness and all the bad things that have happened to us during the year are left behind. People become brighter and stronger through rituals and things that inspire them and in the ancient Latvian traditions, this internal transformation took place through masking. Respecting the old traditions, singers of the ethno music group “Tautumeitas” will appear in unusual images in the music video of the song – special masks are created by the interaction of several artists and the technological solutions offered by LMT. The music video will be presented in mid-December.

“The most challenging and darkest time of the year has come, which in the context of the current situation in the world can turn into a test for each of us,” says the song’s author Asnate Rancāne. “I hope that this song will serve as an inspiration to find our inner strength and open up the huge creative potential that lives in us. We can be as bright and gorgeous as we feel in ourselves. It’s especially important for everyone to find that inner light within themselves.”

The single “Spodrē manu augumiņu” was made in collaboration with LMT and arranged by Reinis Sējāns, with whom the group “Tautumeitas” has successfully collaborated before. Musicians Stanislavs Judins, Mārtiņš Miļevskis and Elvis Lintiņš took part in the recording.


The song “Spodrē manu augumiņu” is available on iTunes from today and will be available on Spotify, Deezer, etc. in the coming days.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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