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Eurovision star Aminata is celebrating a five-year anniversary of working in music business and releasing the new single ‘Catching the Headlights’.

Latvian pop-singer and Eurovision star Aminata, this January, is celebrating her five-year anniversary of being in music industry, and to mark this special occasion releases the single “Catching the Headlights”. Five years ago, after winning Latvian TV show “Jaunā Talantu fabrika”(‘The New Talent Show’), Aminata released her first ever single “I can breathe”.

With the new song “Catching the Headlights” Aminata was willing to recall the beginning of her career: “When writing this song, I wanted to come back to the feelings, which I had when I only started writing songs, 5 years ago. I did not want to think about making this song ‘fit’, about it having certain format. I just wanted to express my feelings in music, in whatever form it takes.”

Aminata worked on the song alongside the Danish songwriter and producer Jonas Brogger Filtenborg and his Swedish colleague Edvin Hjertquist.

“Catching the Headlights”  has sensual, sexy mood. The song does not have a story, it does not describe a certain plot. The main idea of the song is to remind about being present and enjoy the moments of pleasure: “Nowadays, people are running all the time. We have a lot of things planned, a long ‘to do’ list. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, we always worry and forget that life goes by. We forget to enjoy things, to enjoy moments,” that Aminata.

This year Aminata is planning to release her third album, and “Catching the Headlights” is one of the singles, that follows previously released ‘Zero Love’ and ‘Don’t talk about it’. The two first albums – ‘Inner Voice’ and ‘Red Moon’ gained success both in Latvia and abroad, which gives Aminata the inspiration to be braver and work even harder. Together with her team of producers and songwriters Aminata set her creative spirit free and worked productively, which has already resulted in releasing several singles.

The single “Catching the Headlights”  is available in all popular music stream services and can also be heard on radio stations.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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