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[Ex] da Bass and REZarin invites to participate in their song Find My Way remix contest

In celebration of their song’s Find My Way 50k streaming mark on Spotify within a less than a month, DJ’s and music producers [Ex] da Bass and REZarin are inviting all interesents to participate in a Find My Way remix contest. The highest rated remix, as well as 5 other best remixes will be released by the Day Dose Of House label.

“Find My Way is dedicated to the “challenging times”, in other words – the life stage period in 2020 when the world has lost it’s control and we’re all on our own. For the representatives of the entertainment and music industries, this year will always be remembered as very tough, when every person had to “find his way”. We found our way by creating a joint song which we’re submitting for your evaluation. While our mouths and noses are blocked, listen to our track. Our ears are still free and they’re what the song was made for. Besides, if you’ll also dance, then it will be a great combination, because physical activities strenghten health and eases the mind”, as been said by [Ex] da Bass and REZarin.

Contest rules and applicable files can be found here:

MEL editor

MEL editor

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