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EZIA releases a single “Head High”

EZIA, an up-an-coming Latvian singer from New York – on October 14th will release her
new single “Head High”. The song will be available on all music platforms.
The sound of the song combines pop, trap and R&B characteristic sound with influences from 2000s pop songs creating a nostalgic and inspirational tune.

“”Head High” talks about never giving up and keeping on keeping on even when we don’t feel like it. It came to me very quickly and I feel like I had had these emotions and unconsciously wrote it to myself,” says EZIA.

EZIA, a Latvian born singer and songwriter, moved to New York in 2018 and has been traveling around for the past years. Her debut album “Cycles” which was released in the end of March 2022 gained very positive music critic reviews and was featured on music blogs such as Stereofox and more.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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