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‘Filma, ko negribu redzēt’ (‘A Film I Don’t Want To See)’ – an emotional new song and video by MARTA

Latvian singer-songwriter MARTA has shared her new single called ‘Filma, ko negribu redzēt’ (‘A Film I Don’t Want To See’, which is the first song from her second album coming by the end of 2022.

“When Russia started its war in Ukraine, I felt emotionally broken. I realise, of course, that my feelings are incomparable to what people are experiencing there, but I had never felt such fear, anger and despair before. To pause myself from refreshing Twitter and reading the news non-stop, I started playing the piano, however, I was still unable to think about anything else. And that’s how this song came to me – as a film I don’t want to see and neither does anyone.”

The production, studio recordings, mixing and mastering of the song done by JJ Lush, the video made by Kate Ozolina. The single is now available on all streaming platforms.

This and other Marta’s songs will be played live on her upcoming gig in Līgatne (Zeit) on 30 April.

MARTA (Marta Grigale) is a Latvian singer-songwriter. She has gratuated from London College of Music, returned to Latvia and has been releasing music since 2016. Her debut LP ‘Lietas, kas notiek manā galvā’ (‘Things That Are Happening In My Head’)  was nominated for the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award ‘Zelta Mikrofons 2021’. MARTA has collaborated with such well known Latvian musicians as Intars Busulis, DJ Rudd, Kashuks, Kaspars Ansons, Reinis Sējāns and others.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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