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Fools On Parade release their second studio album „Human Reaction”

Influenced by the scars and human experiences of the pandemic left behind, Fools On Parade describe their second studio album “Human Reaction” as energetic, charismatic and candid. It is worth mentioning that the album for the band is a remarkable leap out of their comfort zone and a successful attempt to enter various song categories, including songs about love. For some time, the band have been eager to escape a homogenous style, and as they grow musically within years, they finally managed to experiment with their own sound. “Human Reaction” was recorded in their own studio in Ropaži, while post-production has been developed in collaboration with Mix & Master. So far, the highest number of people have been involved in the making of this album and three music videos will be included within this project.

Since 2017, Fools On Parade have gained some recognition under the Latvian post-grunge scene with their debut album “Hometown Stories” and have won several awards from various Latvian Radio stations and music publications. They have showcased their mastery in moving audiences by performing 97 concerts a year and performing at festivals such as Summer Sound, Playground, TasTe and Open Air Festival, causing attendees to sweat profusely.

Featured on LDN Music Magazine’s Upcoming Artists for 2021

“One of the best Latvian rock discoveries in 2019. Energetic, youthful and enthusiastic post-grunge, which is almost impossible to compare to any other current bands in Latvia.”

– NRA (Independent Morning Newspaper)

“Sometimes you hear a glimpse of Kurt Cobain.” – PIECI.LV Radio

MEL editor

MEL editor

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