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Fusion band “S&T Syndicate” releases new music video for composition “Afternoon Train”

Instrumental jazz fusion band “S&T Syndicate” introduces listeners with an animated music video for their composition “Afternoon Train”, which is included in the bands newly released album “Elevator Music 2.1”.

The musicians of “S&T Syndicate” describe their composition “Afternoon Train” as a scenic vision of a retro train ride through a mountainous area with many tunnels and with a plot worthy of a detective which maintains tension and intrigue. The “Afternoon Train” music video, created by Kaspars Bucs, is an animation that will allow the listener to take on the role of a passenger on an afternoon train.

“S&T Syndicate” is an instrumental fusion band from Riga, Latvia which, combining elements of jazz, rock and electronic music genres, has just released its second studio album “Elevator Music 2.1”. While ironizing about the concept of elevator music, “S&T Syndicate” describes the album as their elevator music version 2.1, where you can step into the elevator and meet the weirdest and most interesting types of creatures while the elevator itself will take you to the most unusual places.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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