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Ieva Kerevica has come out with a brand new music album “Romance”

Well, known Latvian music artist Ieva Kerevica has come out with a brand new music album “Romance”. The album has come to life together with label company Musica Baltica. This is the third solo album from the artist. The first was “Heritage” Vol.1(2020) with Latvian folklore arrangement, followed by the album “Centerwise: (2020) which consists of world music. Latest one is “Romance” (2023), and it’s her own original music album.

Ieva is a wide-profile artist, with an active career in a few Latvian theatres where she works as a vocal teacher with actors, singers, and other professionals.

In 2022 she was taking part in the world music festival “Porta” with her second album “Centerwise”.

The last album “Romance” has come to daylight from being inspired by close people’s stories and from her own life experiences. Love towards pop jazz, soul music, blues, and guitar music has put a beautiful cherry on top to finish this album and bring it to the listeners.
This wouldn’t have happened without the amazing and well-known team from the Latvian Jazz field and instrumental artists.
Madars Kalnins (Piano)
Norberts Skraucis (Contrabass)
Artis Orubs  (Drums)
Janis Kalnins (Guitar)
Atis Zviedris (Vocal Guest Artist)

Reinis Karklins (Sound Designer)
Record Studio ” AlejaRecords”

Pure gratitude goes towards KKF (Latvian Culture Capital Fonds) for support and involvement in this project.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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