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Indie band Carnival Youth releases new single ‘Seagulls On Bicycles’.

Latvian indie rock band Carnival Youth have released the new single “Seagulls On Bicycles” from their latest album “Propeller” along with a new video.

The charismatic four-piece is one of the most successful acts from their region – the Baltic States. Their new single sets off the second part of “Propeller’s” tour. Throughout autumn they will visit USA, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and other countries. The first part of their tour took place this spring and covered Central and Eastern Europe. In New York carnival Youth is playing  first showcase festival in USA – Mondo.NYC. The participation has been done in cooperation with Music Export Latvia, supported by Ministry of Culture and VKKF.

The chorus line of the song “To get through the day with no seagulls on bicycles, leading the way – seagulls on bicycles” is adopted from the painting by American artist Marc John. The video is based on the work of Spanish photographer AnaHell – she’s also the Art director of the video, while the rest of the crew is made up from local talent – director of the clip is Jurgstulajstus, camera operator – Jānis Eglītis, editor – Juris Matuzelis.  Video was shot at the city Sigulda in Latvia.

Carnival Youth were presented with the European Border Breakers award earlier this year. Their previous album found favour with critics and listeners alike, in their home country and abroad. The band was formed in 2012 and since then has released two studio albums.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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