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Indie pop project “Funkinbiz” from Riga releases a song in Ukrainian

Indie pop project Funkinbiz, in collaboration with music producer Mārcis Vasiļevskis, makes their debut with the song “Tini – shadows,” an exciting single from upcoming album performed in Ukrainian language. The song is already available on all major music streaming platforms. Link –

The title of the song, “Tini,” symbolizes the shadows of love that touch us and linger even after we have experienced the joy of love at least once. The song is particularly fitting for moments when we introspect, travel, dream, love, and express romantic feelings.

The track was recorded at the “Laimes telpa” studio, in collaboration with talented musicians: drummer Dairis Petrauskis, and bass guitarist Toms Kursītis. The post-production was done by Toms Lisments, while the final sound processing was carried out by Robb Robinson from California, known for his collaboration with the renowned artist Jason Mraz.

The song was written by Kirils Ponomarenko, also known as Funkinbiz, who is the songwriter and performer from Latvia. Coming from the breakdance and hip-hop culture, he combines various contemporary elements in his music. Born in Riga, Funkinbiz embarked on his musical journey by learning classical guitar from Armenian guitar master Vaak Kjurdjian. This training inspired his love for music and laid the foundation for his unique style. Funkinbiz further developed his skills at the prestigious Žoržs Siksnas School of Opera, specializing in vocal techniques and expanding his musical horizons.

In 2022, while experimenting with music and participating in exclusive events, Funkinbiz teamed up with music producer and multi-instrumentalist Mārcis Vasiļevskis (Laime Pilnīga, Samanta Tīna, Ralfs Eilands). They collaborated at the “Laimes Telpa” studio with like-minded professionals to create an album.

The main source of inspiration for this project is the power of love, which is employed with the hope of fostering connections between people.

Foto – Miks Uzans


MEL editor

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