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Indie rock artist Jannsi releases five-song EP “For the Underdog”

Indie artist Jannsi (Jānis Uplejs) has released a five-song EP titled “For the Underdog”. The songs feature elements of indie rock, pop, and rap.

Jannsi is a 29-year-old graphic designer and pastor of an inclusive church in his daily life, and the EP is a reflection of his experience. “These songs are a reminder that life is full of different experiences, and it is important to find the strength not to get lost in it,” says Jannsi.

The mini-album starts with “(Not Made For) Life Alone”, an energetic indie anthem about a person’s need for others. “For the Underdog” is an encouragement for the marginalized not to be afraid and to resist societal pressure. “Don’t Look Back” is an encouragement to move forward even if others don’t understand it, while “Like You Always Do” is a song about unhappy love that Jannsi wrote back in high school. The mini-album ends with the song “Every Tear Will Dry” – a dedication to a friend who was lost to suicide.

Jannsi considers Twenty One Pilots, Shipsea, Laika Suns, Mike Shinoda, The White Stripes, and Nothing But Thieves to be his most important musical influences. He has previously released three singles and one EP.

The mini-album was recorded by Jannsi himself in his home studio, and the mixing and mastering of the song “Don’t Look Back” was done by Jānis Locs. “For the Underdog” is available on all popular music streaming services.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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