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Indie rock band “audrú” presents an alternative and melodic debut EP

Indie rock band “audrú” announces their debut EP “the lighthouse trilogy” and, along with it, a single – “underworld”.

“audrú” is a bunch of friends who share a taste for alternative music – besides the rock music influences their work contains characteristics of folk and pop music as well. The debut EP “the lighthouse trilogy” includes a three-part story – a journey into the waters of the subconscious, where memorable, sonic lines of melody wind through different forms of music. The recording was done in “Hodila Records” studio. Along with the album, the single “underworld” begins its journey to radio stations, the sound of which includes intrigue and unexpected melodic turns.

The EP’s “the lighthouse trilogy” will be released in a special DIY way to honor the nostalgia for early 2000’s, when the band members were gaining their first musical experience and people were still actively listening to music on CDs. The idea came to life through a “Zero Waste” campaign in which they invited people to donate blank CD covers. The limited edition CDs were printed professionally, but afterwards signed with a permanent marker, as it used to be done in the early 2000’s. The band has also given their merchandise – second hand t-shirts and sweaters – a chance to live another life by screen-printing them with special “audrú” designs.

“audrú” has been playing together since 2017. So far, they have performed in several Latvian cities, participated in festivals – “Bildes”, “Vegan Festival”, “VegFest Lt”, “Give & Get” and more. Their music can be heard on several radio stations around Latvia. Previously, “audrú” has recorded and released 4 songs with music videos. All songs are available to listeners both on the video platform “Youtube” and on all the most popular streaming sites.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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