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Indie rock musician Jannsi releases “Atkrītot” with rap elements

On April 12th, indie rock musician Jannsi released the song “Atkrītot”, featuring elements of indie rock and rap with an authentic and inclusive message. “I believe that music has the power to change the world. Similar to other songs, in this composition, I encourage everyone to challenge their personal beliefs, not allowing prejudices or misunderstandings to create hatred, which is sometimes presented as love,” says Jannsi. 

In the song “Atkrītot”, Jannsi, whose real name is Jānis Uplejs, talks about his experience in various conversations, internet comments, letters, and phone calls where someone expresses their opinion about Jānis’ religious life. As Jannsi identifies himself as a Christian while also expressing support for the LGBTQ+ community and egalitarianism – the belief that all genders are equal in friendship – these opinions are received quite often.

“These comments are quite diverse – from attempts to indoctrinate to efforts to persuade, to calling me a Satanist or a false teacher, but they all share the judgment that I have either never truly been a believer, or I have ‘fallen away’ from faith. This song is my story about this ‘falling away’ – a careful evaluation of my beliefs, not relying solely on what some teachers have said, who continue to echo only what they have been taught, without conducting deeper research,” continues Jannsi. “For example, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah describes horrific sexual violence, physical and numerical superiority used against the weaker, but is used against loving same-sex couples.”

The song “Atkrītot” is available on all popular music streaming platforms.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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