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International music duo Velvet River releases a video series recorded live in an industrial complex

Velvet River is a duo project consisting of drummer Kārlis Roberts Kalejs (LV) and bass guitarist Tauna Woolfe (UK). Following the release of their debut EP “Casablanca” at the beginning of the summer, the instrumental duo is now releasing live video recordings filmed and recorded in an industrial complex in Riga, Latvia.

“The charm of live recordings provides the listener with a similar feeling as a concert, as everything happens at the same time and place. Moreover, such videos offer the opportunity to see the musicians up close,” says Kārlis, the drummer of Velvet River, expressing the goals of the recordings.

The first recording released by the band, “Casablanca,” is a composition from the duo’s debut album. However, the tracks “Altercy” and “Occurrence” are entirely new and are being presented to the audience for the first time.

The choice to film in “Provodniks” happened very organically, as it was important for the duo to select a location that not only offered an authentic atmosphere but also complemented the group’s sound.

The musicians began their collaboration in late 2019 when both were studying music in the UK. The roles of bass guitar and drums in music typically serve to support and enhance the sound of other instruments, but Velvet River in their music experiment with what they can create just by themselves in such a minimalist context. The duo’s sound and unique concept are inspired by modern and contemporary jazz, combining it with their individual sources of inspiration.

The video series was created in collaboration with videographer Artūrs Krūmiņš, photographer Kārlis Didrihsons, and video producer Nikola Dita Namniece.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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