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Iron Wings releases song “Apathy”

Latvian heavy metal group “Iron Wings” releases the song “Apathy”. The song is the band’s second release from the new album, which will be released this year. The first track on the new album, Devils Lullaby, was released a year ago as the album’s cover.

This year, the band releases a second song – “Apathy”. Band  about the song: “It’s about people and how they are affected by their own decisions and attitudes towards the world. What if the apathetic indifference of modern man to others, the diversity of opinion, and the right of every human being to be himself creates this situation when the only God to be betred by is yourself? What if you are the God and the Devil? And is it our decisions, choices and attitudes that either create our paradise or hell? ”

Iron Wings is a latvian heavy / thrash metal band from Riga founded in 2016. The band is three piece members who combine the features of the classic heavy metal genre with thrash metal elements to create a play with harmonies and sound colours. Iron Wings is not afraid to use a melodic chords between some heavy riffs.

The new song can be listened to on the band’s Bandcamp profile as well as on all music streaming sites and the group’s YouTube channel. Songs artwork is made by artist Gundega Bārzdaine.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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