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Jannsi releases a call to be authentic – single ‘Perfection Is Gone’

On Tuesday, June 28, Jannsi’s single ‘Perfection Is Gone’ was released, where indie rock sounds are a tribute to attempts, efforts, and struggles, when it is not always possible to achieve a perfect result. 

“The song is about the seeming perfection we see in other people’s lives, social media and stories, which disappears when the cameras are off. About reality, which is not glossy,” says Jannsi.

Previously, Jannsi published a three-song EP “Zilonis” (Elephant) – his manifesto that our prejudices and what we hear from like-minded people should not be the reason why we oppress our neighbors. The song “Brīvību Ukrainai” (Freedom for Ukraine), was a means of maintaining sanity at the time when the Russian army began attacking Ukraine.

In the single, all instruments and vocals were performed by the musician himself, while mixing and mastering were provided by Jānis Locs. “Perfection Is Gone” is available on major music streaming services.

Jannsi, whose real name is Jānis Uplejs, is an indie rock singer from Latvia, who previously played in various groups and compositions. With the group “Riverfall” he once performed together with the great guitarist Armands Alksnis, as well as participated in the TV show “X Factor Latvia”, getting to the “chair challenge”. Jannsi cites Nothing But Thieves, Twenty-One Pilots and The White Stripes as his most important musical influences.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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