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Katrina Gupalo and Normunds Rutulis meet in a new project

Last autumn, singer and pianist Katrina Gupalo released her version of Raimonds Pauls’ mega-hit “Par Pēdējo Lapu”. Now, a new and more danceable version of this song has been created in collaboration with Normunds Rutulis aka N’Works. It will be a perfect fit for the anticipation of spring, which this year is approaching us with extra hopes and promises.

“I was very surprised when I suddenly received a message from Normunds Rutulis. He is an artist with enormous amounts of charisma, and when we met in a photo shoot that took place before the stricter restrictions were announced, I was in awe. I felt very similar again when I unexpectedly received the new remix in my Facebook messenger’s inbox. In my original version, “Par Pēdējo Lapu” sounds quite painful and even melodramatic. However, Normunds had combined my voice with completely different – very positive and even playful – moods,” reveals Katrina Gupalo.

N’Works aka Normunds Rutulis: “It is always nice when the first draft of the remix instantly makes your body move and your soul fly. That is exactly what happened with this song – thus the result is melodic and quite rhythmical. I am very glad that the first collaboration with Katrina has been successful. I really hope that dance music lovers will like it as much as we do. In addition, the remix is available in both Latvian and Russian.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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