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Katrine Lukins releases a video for her Supernova song “Running Red Lights”.

Katrine Lukins, a participant of this year’s LTV Supernova contest, has released a video for her song “Running Red Lights”. According to the singer, this video best reveals the message of her song. The video is full of breath-taking events: a car theft, weed smoking, drunk driving and even crazy car destruction.

“The story of the video has its roots in my own experience, my relationships, only told through other events, using other, slightly more dramatic actions. I know that I would never go so far in my real life. I want to share the story of my life to encourage others who might be stuck in a similar situation to get it settled and become free. In my case, these were relationships with my boyfriend. On the one hand, it seemed as if everything was fine, but my senses told me that I was going against myself – running red lights. We all know that we should not cross the red light on the street, and still we do it  sometimes,” Katrine comments on her video.

Kaspars Dumburs, a star of the TV3 series “Svešā seja” (The Foreign Face) and actor of the Latvian National Theatre, takes part in the clip. “It was very easy to work with Katrine; although she is not a professional actress, she knows exactly what she wants and is very confident and flexible,” says the actor.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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