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Kris&Oz released the song “Ask Yourself”

Authors of the music and lyrics: Kristina Morins, Arturs Osipovs, Aleksandrs Solovjovs and Marks Ivanovs. Music Production: Aleksandrs Solovjovs, Sol Recording Studio.

“The work on the song coincided with the start of the pandemic. Uncertainty – could be described as what is happening around,” Arturs says.

“A person easily, and especially at such a time, succumbs to someone else’s influence, forgetting about himself and his true desires. The title of the song is “Ask Yourself”. If you have lost your way or are entangled in the web of other people’s games, just slow down and formulate the main questions for yourself. “Who am I?”

Because sometimes the question itself is more important than any answers.”

From May 11, 2022, the new track “Ask Yourself” is available on all major online streaming services.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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