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In May, Latvian singer-songwriter Kristaps Bedritis is kicking off his second round of the ‘Worlds Apart’ tour around Latvia. With concert dates in May and June, he will visit many different places in his native land, supporting the release of his debut mini album ‘Worlds Apart EP’.

‘Worlds Apart EP’ was released in early 2015 and includes 5 acoustic songs that, among others, are written in the past few years. The album was recorded in his own living room to maintain the intimate and personal vibe that you can hear in his songs. Kristaps says that “My songs are almost like diary entries – personal and thoughtful, ranging from light to dark and profound lines. I believe that human emotions are universal and that we all share them on one level or another.”

After the release of his debut EP and the first gigs in February and March, Kristaps is now going on tour in Latvia with gigs in Riga, Jelgava, Kuldīga, Cīrava, Lielvārde, Valmiera, Cēsis and Vaidava. In gigs at Cīrava and Valmiera, he will be joined by the talented Latvian guitar player Rihards Lībietis who will play a set of his instrumental acoustic pieces that can take the listener into a meditative and beautiful journey.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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