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Latvia-Based Project LUNT Releases ‘The Inner Border,’ an Intriguing Electro-Acoustic Record

Latvia-based band LUNT has released ‘The Inner Border‘ (Iekšējā Robeža), a cerebral, stunning track filled with gravitas and hunger to stir emotions. The record was written in June 2020, using soundscapes as metaphors for the travel that led LUNT’s frontman Gilles Deles-Velins to Latvia. Anna Akhmatova’s poem, A land not mine, is read in Russian at the beginning of the track and in Latvian at the end.

You can listen to ‘The Inner Border’ on Soundcloud and pre-order via Bandcamp. It comes in Dolby 7.1 Channel original version.

Few artists match Deles’ ability to blend electronic and organic sources while securing a delicate balance between textural soundscapes and melodic structures. Thoughtfully arranged and bonded in a marvelous aesthetic, ‘The Inner Border‘ continues LUNT’s exploration of states of consciousness.

With ‘The Inner Border,’ LUNT explores electro-acoustic spaces to create an immersive sound that transcends notions of musical language, forms, ambient, electro, drone, and other categories in music. The record is not only about soundscapes but redolent meditations capable of disinterring a long-forgotten memory or inducing a nostalgic reverie, somehow gravitating toward themes that contemplate the meaning of life.

Fans of LUNT’s work will find ‘The Inner Border’ deeply rewarding, while new listeners will doubtfully find themselves motivated to reach back into his catalog for more.


Stromboli Volcano Sound Take by Clovis Tisserand
Cover photo by Lionel Maraval
Anna Akhmatova reading by Inese Vēliņa.
Lyrics, sound takes, instruments, arrangements, mix, mastering: Gilles Deles-Velins
Saxophone: Jérôme Gilet
Asari vocal ensemble directed by Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics
Soprano: Laura Štoma
Altos: Māra Delesa-Vēlina, Agnese Osīte-Slava, Ilze Ārniece
Bass: Oskars Krūklis, Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics

MEL editor

MEL editor

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