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Latvian art-pop producer Waterflower releases her latest single and music video, Oasis / Gen S(AD)

Waterflower says of the track: “I dream of a future where technology can co-exist with the natural world.  But in reality, it is humankind that is the death of nature. Our world is in mourning for its future before it has  even happened. An oasis is a self-contained eco-system, dramatically different from its surroundings. Humans  need to change to accommodate nature, or else there won’t be anything to save and the oasis, if it exists, will  cease to be.

Music Video Info
The music video is a short film that was directed by Ērika Daņiloviča. The music video’s concept explores the sadness and struggle of youth to want to live in the autumn of the world around them.
The production was supported by Sony Latvia and Master Photo.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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