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Latvian singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Markus Riva released a new single “Take Me Down”. With this song he participated in Supernova 2015 which is the Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite being one of the favorites of Supernova he finished second at the final.

“The new single is called “Take me down” and it is a story about unconditional love and emotions – if we love, then till the end. If you going to fall and brake – I am coming with you. Very dramatic but honest at the same time,” tells Markus.

This is the first big-budget music video for Markus, despite the fact that he has released over 12 music videos in home country. “Take Me Down” is made by well-known Ukrainian director Alan Badoev, who has filmed over 100 music videos for a lot of Russian and Ukrainian music acts, including Valery Meladze, Via Gra, Vera Brezhneva, Polina Gagarina, Dan Balan, Kazaky, Max Barskih, Loboda and many more. Collaboration between Badoev and Markus Riva started after the prime-time TV show “Want to Meladze” last fall where Markus was only one step away from the victory. Music video was filmed in Kiev and it has 2 versions – one in English and another in Russian, which is the first single for Markus Riva for the Russian spoken audience.

Markus Riva is a Latvian singer, songwriter, producer and DJ from Riga. He is best known for his singles “007”, “Lights On” and “We Dance For A Reason”. As of Today he released three albums named „Ticu“, „Songs from NYC“ and “How It Feels”.

“Take Me Down” is available on iTunes and Spotify.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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