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Latvian band RYGA provokes the famous Australian playboy CandyMan!

RYGA is a Latvian band performing in the so-called and provocative happy hardcore genre. Their brand new single CandyMan is an ironic story of the currently most well-known Australian orgy master Travers Beynon, or CandyMan. Travers is a wealthy managing director at Freechoice Tobacco and a favourite of the yellow press, who always appears in photos beside stunning, scantily clad women, with a wad of money in his hand and dressed in suggestive clothing. CandyMan is at the top of the Australian women’s rights activists’ most-hated list.

The man in question has seen the video of RYGA and deemed it good enough by dropping a line to Mārcis Judzis, the author of the song and the leader of the band, on his Facebook page.

RYGA is growing increasingly popular both in its country of origin and abroad, and its last year’s single in collaboration with the American singer Corey Andrew even got through the first round ballot of GRAMMY awards in the Best Dance Song category, competing with Prodigy and many other famous names for a place in the top five. Even though it didn’t make it, the song was approved of by DJs around the world and it is still played in clubs and on radio, while the remix by DJ XYPO has been viewed more than 111 000 times on YouTube.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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