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Latvian indie pop band “Franco Franco” unveils the video for the song “By the Lake” from the upcoming album.

 Latvian indie pop band “Franco Franco” unveils the video for the song “By the Lake” from the album which is set to be released in autumn.

The song “By the Lake” marks the band’s return to music after a short break taken in 2013. This summer it will be possible to hear “Franco Franco” in events such as “Fono Cēsis”, “Playground Festival” and “Piens Fest”, and the band has promised to release their new album in autumn.

“The song reminds us to listen to our instincts and not be afraid to take decisive steps. It symbolizes light and ease, which we find within ourselves and hope to pass on to the listeners,” the band members explain.

This feeling has been captured by the director Linda Jakubone; production of the music video “By the Lake” is her debut in this field: “The story is about choices we have made and could have made, but did not. It is a chance to live the possibilities and feel how it would be if we could turn back time and return to the beginning.”

The producer of “By the Lake” and the upcoming album is Reinis Sējāns (Instrumenti), and the recordings have been made in “TRU Music Studio”, Riga.

The song is already available on the band’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp platforms, and soon it will also appear on the most popular streaming services.

Since the band’s establishment in 2010 “Franco Franco” has released a mini album “Color Me” in 2013, also making a video for the song “Frank Killed Lee”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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