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Latvian music record award to accompany physical trophies with custom NFTs

The annual Latvian music record award “Zelta Mikrofons’ 23” take place on February 18, 2023 at the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Center, Rīga. The winner of each category receives two prizes – physical statuette and digital NFT, designed by world known Latvian artist KIWIE.

“Zelta Mikrofons” is one of the oldest and most important awards of Latvian music industry, summing up the excellence of Latvian music industry for 27 years. The past years the ceremony was broadcasted in TV channel TV3. For the first time at “Zelta Mikrofons’ 23” the audience will have a chance to celebrate with the musicians and enjoy the red carpet event. A limited number of tickets are available to the ceremony.

Latvian artist KIWIE is best known for the colorful street art, design and his secret, witty “grand dad” identity. KIWIE gained international recognition for his “Fat Monster” graffities. He comments on the collaboration with “Zelta Mikrofons”: “The time is changing and so does “Zelta Mikrofons ”. It might be the first time in Europe and even the world when a music award will gratify the winners with two prizes. One is the traditional physical statuette the other one – NFT that certifies the ownership of the microphone by the particular prize winner. Each nomination’s NFT will look slightly different, based on the specific style of the nomination. ”

“Zelta Mikrofons 23 ” will open a nomination for the most streamed Latvian recording in 2022. The data collection will be provided by “Ranger computers” (UK) and supported by Association of Latvian Sound Recording Producers, Publishers and Distributors (LaMPA), Association of Latvian Performers and Producers (LaIPA). The nomination will be represented by the brand Elektrum.

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MEL editor

MEL editor

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