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Latvian musician “Taurud” releases a new single and announces an EP

We met “Taurud” with songs like “I Keep Loving You”, “I’ve Been Carrying My Past Lives With Me” and “Night Sky”. After a creative break, the artist is back with a new track “Without Your Light”. It is available today on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and all major streaming services.

This time the overall sound is a little different, folkier, and seemingly more positive. Nevertheless, the dreamy feel and heartfelt vocal delivery are still there. The song is about the feeling of drifting apart, bittersweet sadness, and yet true togetherness, love, and care. “Taurud” is working with talented musicians from Manchester, and an up-and-coming producer Sean Rogan (Spotify Sean Rogan). This collaboration is set to continue to record an EP and later a whole album. The song is written by “Taurud”.

Artist says that the last year has been a road of discovery of who he really is, why he is on the current path, and now is ready for a creative leap forward. “I was hiding for quite some time. I still wrote songs and met people I wanted to collaborate with but wasn’t going out there to show any of my work to anyone. I needed to redefine what my purpose in music was. Now I simply want to do it to give something beautiful to everyone and to make this world a better place. No attachments to money, success, attention, or anything like that. Just pure creativity. This song is about my love for every human on the earth.”

The musicians plans to release another single in spring, followed by an EP, album, and concerts in Riga and Jurmala. “Taurud” is actively participating in Manchester’s music scene. He’s hoping to return to his home country in spring with a new song and video.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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