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Latvian producer MICKEEN releases single “Feel Free”

Electronic music producer MICKEEN (Miks Pinzulis), in collaboration with Saule (Krišjānis Suntažs)  on May 4th, released the single “Feel Free”.

Saule about the song:“Message is pretty straightforward, but at the same time so true. When I wrote the lyrics, I was in a place in my life, where everything was changing, everything about my life was getting more and more serious and I felt like i’m losing my spark, my spontaneity, my inspiration to have fun. That’s what the song is about, an encouragement for people to not be shy, to do silly things and embrace life fully.”

MICKEEN about the song: “When working on this song I wanted to create happy but still emotional feelings with thought that adults sometimes should feel like kids and feel free. With Saule we already knew the motive of this song when we started.”

The single was released with a video about friendship, the feeling of being free and having a good time.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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