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Latvian producer MICKEEN with singer Katrīna Kreile release a collaborative single “Bad Habits”

Electronic music producer MICKEEN (Miks Pinzulis) in collaboration with Katrīna Kreile on july 17, released the single “Bad Habits”.

Katrīna Kreile about the song: Wanting something that you can’t have is one of the most annoying feelings ever, but it’s not something that we purposely choose to do, it’s a pattern that we can’t break that easily. This song is about how we often unconsciously catch feelings for the ones we can’t have while friend-zoning everyone else no matter how good they might be. And each time that happens, our guardian angels probably get very disappointed in our choices. They send us some great people into our lives because they only want what’s best for us, but unfortunately we get attracted only to the ones who are emotionally or physically unavailable. Sorry, guardian angels, there’s nothing we can do about it, just like with any other bad habits.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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