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Latvian rapper ZEĻĢIS drops song “PUIKAS”

Latvian rapper ZEĻĢIS in collaboration with producer MCKN an rappers Ods and Goča release single “PUIKAS”.

‘’The song tells the story of an exciting and colorful path from the countryside to the city. All artists in this piece are from small towns hence the following topic seemed appropriate. To some small town have left bitter experience, while other have had the best years so far but now we all are in Riga where we try to fulfill or plans and go towards our dreams and doing what we love’’.

ZEĻĢIS is a rapper from Lēdmane and have started his activities less than two years ago he have released several singles, however has gained greater visibility through participation in “371 clique” project.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first collaboration with Ods and Goča, they have made rap group “mid”  and right at this moment are working on one of their first projects together.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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