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Latvian singer and songwriter “Taurud” gains momentum with a single “I’ve Been Carrying My Past Lives With Me”

After three weeks in Radio SWH competition for new artists called “Priekšnams” “Taurud” is the 3rd best.

“I’ve Been Carrying My Past Lives With Me” is about becoming free from our past. “Taurud” said: The only thing ever messing with our heads is either our memories we are collecting like souvenirs or projections of the future. One is programming how we react and deal with things, and the other causes discomfort, cos we’re afraid of all the unknown. The song is about breaking free, being in the moment. It’s like a friendly tap on the shoulder saying You got this, it’s all in our head, and I am convinced that anyone can overcome anything. Be inspired.

This year has started with new aspirations. The musician is hoping to be in Latvia for spring to present his double single – Latvian and English version. Like many artists, I am not making any income during this time, but I am still looking forward to getting ready for April to go home and bring everyone present – new music. My birthday is in April. This time around I’d want to offer a song in Latvian as well, to get closer to my Latvian listeners. Fingers crossed, we will see each other soon, and I will be able to play live. We’re working on some live streams right now: says “Taurud”.

“Taurud” and his team would love to release the album this year, but there is no chance to continue the recording process because the situation is the way it is in the UK. The songwriter is ready to get back to work as soon as he will be allowed. The song for the spring release was recorded early last year and finished remotely. “Taurud” says: Nothing will stop me, man. I’m pushing forward!

MEL editor

MEL editor

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