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Latvian singer and songwriter ‘Taurud’ releases a new single, ‘Night Sky’

After a successful start last year ‘Taurud’ continues his journey and has a new exciting release. The latest song, ‘Night Sky’, which for the first time also has a Latvian version (‘Nakts Skan’), is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other platforms.

‘Taurud’, in his own words, describes the song: This is a profoundly philosophical song. It talks about our ever-changing existence and the universe around us. Night sky or night itself is only an illusion, rather a phantasy perceived in some mystical being’s consciousness. Realities through which our consciousness can travel, including this one, are not actual but dream. We are dreamers, and our essence is pure love. We are multidimensional beings, and our power and potential are enormous – yet to be discovered fully. I like the metaphor for the night sky or its sound. It resembles our transcending nature quite well. What is the night sky? While it is night here on earth, it is the day on the moon. So what is the “night sky” – illusion. So let me ask you, what is our perception of reality, ourselves, principles, and beliefs? You know the answer.

This double singe is the last piece of the trilogy. Two singles were recorded and released in the previous year, and now the missing piece. These songs let us get to know ‘Taurud’ and his sound, his views on life. This music once was described as a culmination of dreamy and heartfelt sounds, experimenting with different levels of intimacy.

Later this summer, we can expect more new music from the artist. At this point, it is hard to predict how the events will unfold across Europe and whether ‘Taurud’ will be able to play live shows, but he and his team are hopeful that it will happen and they will be able to visit ‘Taurud’s’ home Latvia as well.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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