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Latvian vocal group FRAMEST performs in Cannes Film Festival’s event.

Last weekend the vocal group FRAMEST travelled to the prestigious and world famous Cannes Film Festival in France to perform at the Ukrainian official delegation’s event.

Ukrainian official event took place in an exclusive club on the seashore with a beautiful view of the French Riviera. The event was attended by several hundred leading global film industry producers, actors and directors. “There was a great and sincere ovation while we were singing the popular Ukrainian folk song Pidmanula Pidvel’ in a capella arrangement”, said the group’s artistic director and composer Janis Kirsis while commenting on the unforgettable experience. FRAMEST was the only musical group performing at this event thus receiving undivided attention and responsiveness from the audience.

It is known that within the Cannes Film Festival, various musical performances take place and are performed by world famous musicians. For example, this year Justin Timberlake and actress Anna Kendrick delighted the audience with an acoustic performance.

Since the very beginning, the group has included its founder and active composer Jānis Ķirsis (baritone), as well as Mikus Abaroniņš (tenor). Beāte Zviedre (soprano) joined the group in 2010, Rūta Dūduma (alto) and Roberts Memmēns (bass) – in 2013. At the moment the group is arranging new and uplifting compositions for their show which will be held this autumn in Riga.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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