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Loopout (member of latvian rap group “Rīmdari”) releases a new song and video made with one of Twenty One Pilots stage crew members

Kriss Baglais from the group “Rīmdari” releases a new song and video under his solo project “Loopout”. This is the second single from the upcoming album that is scheduled to release on June 1.

“Me and a friend of mine went to Open’er festival in Poland last year and met the stage crew of Twenty One Pilots in an underground bar in Gdynia, Poland,” says Kriss Baglais, “There were guys from lighting, pyrotechnics, the stage manager – about 20 people in total. And that was just part of the whole team. I showed my song to one of the crew members and he really liked it. The video engineer offered to shoot a video for the song the next day, for free. I couldn’t believe what was happening,” Kriss remembers. “I went to Poland mainly to see the performance of Twenty One Pilots, and two days before it I suddenly shot a music video with the band’s crew. Unbelievable!”

Unfortunately, Kriss lost contact with the crew member and never got the final video for Close My Eyes. A year has passed since the event and Loopout is coming out with a self-made video about the story of how they filmed the music video. “The song is about using your imagination to achieve your dreams,” Kriss explains. ”This song manifested a true story of how a dream manifest itself out of nowhere. All I can say – just do it.”

In 2021, Loopout released debut EP ‘Music from Nowhere’ and in October last year came out with a single from the upcoming album “Monsters in Dreams”. Loopout is a hip-hop project by Latvian musician Kriss Baglais. Kriss is a member of a popular latvian hip-hop group “Rīmdari”. The record was produced by Reinis Karklins (Aleja Records).

MEL editor

MEL editor

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