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Markus Riva and Aminata sing together for the “Last Dance”

Two Latvian pop acts, that are well known not only in Latvia, just have released a brand-new duet called “Last Dance”. It is written by Markus Riva and produced by Kaspars Ansons who stands behind Aminata’s 2015 Eurovision anthem “Love Injected”.

Both musicians are friends for several years, they both were competing at Supernova 2015 (National competition of Eurovision Song Contest), where  Aminata won and Markus with “Take Me Down” ended up at second place.

“I had this idea about a duet with Aminata for a long time because I love what she is doing, I love her attitude and music. When I was working on my latest album “I can”, I wrote this song “Last Dance” but because of the bad timing, we did not manage to record this as a duet. But luckily, soon after the album release, song is out as a single and features Aminata”, says Markus.

“I was very happy when Markus offered me to do a collaboration because I knew that it is going to  be a well produced and exciting project like Markus is himself. I was in love with “Last Dance” from the very first second – I like melody, lyrics and production by Kaspars Ansons. I am super excited about this collaboration and hope everyone else as well.

Both artists have worked on several projects with Kaspars Ansons, he has produced few tracks in Markus Riva latest LP release “I Can”. This is a sad song about fading relationships and last dance, last night together before there is someone else who will come. This is their very first duet together.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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