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Markus Riva Announces New Album with Dual Single

At the height of summer, musician Markus Riva brings a new song both in Latvian and Russian to his audience. “Vēl pēdējoreiz”/ „Белые ночи” (One Last Time / White Nights) is the first single from Riva’s upcoming fall album.

“Self-reflection is inevitable when you face this unprecedented solitude, which brings about nostalgia and melancholy. These sentiments linger both in this song, as in the tone and content of my forthcoming album,” says the musician.

Markus Riva also enjoys popularity in Russia and other CIS countries; in fact, Riva is one of the few Latvian musicians with a considerable fan base among Russian-speaking listeners. His work is usually released in one language so it does not always resonate with all listeners. However, “Vēl pēdējoreiz” found its sound both in Latvian and Russian leading to the decision to gift the song to a larger audience.

“A larger follower base means having to make sure my creative endeavours do not leave anyone out. Fans in Latvia and Russia and other countries are all waiting for new music from me,” asserts Markus. “I am extremely happy to release this single in both languages at once. Although my new album will be recorded in Latvian, a Russian version might be in the cards in the near future.”

Markus Riva is the author of the music and lyrics of “Vēl pēdējoreiz”, while the lyrics of „Белые ночи” were contributed by Igor Tatarenko, Riva’s long-time musical associate from the Ukraine. The song was recorded in “Factory sounds studio” and arranged by its co-author Gints Stankevičs.

From July 28, the song “Vēl pēdējoreiz”/ „Белые ночи” is available on all streaming platforms

MEL editor

MEL editor

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