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Markus Riva has just dropped what might be the first track in Latvia this year

To kick off the New Year, musician and songwriter Markus Riva surprised his fans by releasing a brand-new song and music video in English titled “Lose Control.” This single, a collaborative effort with partners in Ukraine, encourages everyone to let loose on the dance floor. Markus’s wish for his listeners this year is simple: live life like a dance, savoring each moment without worrying about how it appears to an onlooker.

“I’m aiming for the first song of the year in Latvia,” Markus Riva chuckles. “But on a serious note, the start of the year is when we traditionally set various goals and make resolutions. I decided actions speak louder than resolutions! So, I wrapped up the song recording and quickly organized the video shoot to kick off the year with some musical freshness.”

The music video, directed by Pavel Trebukhins, was filmed in Nīgrande, Latvia. Markus himself serves as the video producer and, as always, fearlessly injects irony at his own expense.

“The song tackles breaking out of one’s comfort zone, challenging societal stereotypes and norms, embracing personal freedom, and is dedicated to all those who feel misunderstood, restricted, or oppressed. The video incorporates various symbols open to interpretation by each viewer,” explains Markus.

Markus Riva, recognized in Latvia for his musical endeavors beyond the country’s borders, doesn’t shy away from revealing that this year will be no different. He hopes for success with the song beyond Latvia, hence the decision to release it in English. Yet, this is just a fraction of his plans for the year. Markus is also working on his inaugural album in Ukrainian, continues to craft material in Latvian, and, as he puts it, musical horizons can never be too broad. Therefore, 2024 promises to be an exceptionally productive year in his creative journey.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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