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Meet Blue Jean Serenade! The Latvian band releases a new single Your Heart

On Friday, 15th of January, Latvian indie-pop band Blue Jean Serenade release their newest song Your Heart.

The single is the very first song published after the debut album that was presented back in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit Latvia. The new single marks a new chapter in the band’s musical life.

The song Your Heart is about the feelings each of us hold inside. The feelings of love. The lead singer Jānis Niedra explains: “We are scared of revealing our love in fear of getting hurt and not receiving it back. We are afraid to ruin the relationships we already have, so we don’t go all in. Then we play out the confession of the other person and how it would feel. How wonderful it would be. This idea warms the heart, even if it is not meant to be. In the end, we mostly regret the things we haven’t done.”

The song first came to be in a song-writing camp held in Riga. It was further developed in the creative camp Blue Jean Serenade had in the July 2020 in the countryside of Latvia. The record is made together with the Latvian producer and musician Aleksis Luriņš. Mix and master is made by Andis Ansons.

Blue Jean Serenade dates back to 2016 when the lead singer Janis and the drummer Tomass started playing together. The team has changed over the years, and now they play and write as a five-person band. In 2016 the band released an EP in English called All My Friends Care About Celebrities, Well, I Don’t and then turned to writing in their native language as well. The band has held concerts all around the country and participated in Reeperbahn Festival 2018 in Hamburg. In March 2020 Blue Jean Serenade released their debut album Prieks, no kura neizaug. Laiks, kuru neaizmirst. (Latvian for for Happiness that can’t be outgrown. Time that can’t be forgotten.)

MEL editor

MEL editor

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