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Melo-M cello trio performing live from the world’s most beautiful fractal art hot air balloons

Experience Sky Amazons and the Melo-M cello trio performing live from the world’s most beautiful fractal art hot air balloons, delivering and releasing art into the open air, freely accessible to everyone.  With the first rays of the sun, bringing joy and life to the day, three gorgeous art balloons and three cello virtuosos rise into the sky…

The concept of this live cello world premiere in the sky is “Unleash The Art.” For this special flight, Sky Amazons chef pilot and event organizer Inga Ūle and Melo-M leader and composer Kārlis Auzāns collaborated and combined their talents to create this unique event.  Its essence is the dream of soon being free from the constraints of the virus.  Kārlis Auzāns selected the musical score which includes “Variations on a Theme of Bach” and one of his original compositions “From the Forest We Come.”  Kārlis chose the title “Crystal Gloria” for this performance in the sky, borrowing the name of the fractal art balloon that carried the trio aloft, giving the trio this precious gift – an opportunity to play their instruments, and to share their art – to shine a musical ray of hope, spreading joy and optimism across the countryside and into the world.

“For more than a year now, art has been stuck in computers. We have not had access to the emotional thrill, joy and emotion that art can really bring in a live setting. This year has robbed the joy that feeds the soul for both artists and, of course, everyone who enjoys art.  This free performance is available to any passer-by, the “early bird” who went for a walk or is on the way to work.  By playing captivating music from a gorgeous balloon, we truly release art and honor our wonderful Latvian nature, bringing joy to everyone on earth, ”says Inga Ūle, balloon pilot, event organizer, and the head of Sky Amazons.

“To keep the musical sound clear and unattenuated, the Melo-M trio’s cellos will be suspended outside of one of the balloon baskets. They have chosen to play beautiful classical music, which in a masterful performance will greet the awakening the day and bring joy and a dose of emotional excitement to everyone on earth. We do not invite anyone to drive and watch the release of art in person – it is not necessary and, unfortunately, it is not safe at the moment. Instead, without tickets, fees or restrictions, we will bring the art to you – in a free flight” informs Inga Ūle.

The event of releasing art and lifting it into the sky was launched on May 28 at five in the morning from Cēsis Castle Ruins, Latvia.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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