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Mickeen with rapper Ods releases a song called “Lights Off”

Latvian electronic music producer Mickeen (Miks Pinzulis) in collaboration with Ods (Valters Grīnfogels) releases the track “Lights Off”.

Ods about the song: Track lyrics are about all the negative things that one says to another even not knowing them personally. These words dishearten and ridicule a person so much that they don’t even think they’re suitable for love. Later in the song the character finds someone who loves them voluntarily, despite the things which are said about them. I believe that all people, also those who do not express their feelings, will love with all their heart those who’ll see in them something more than complexes and defects which all people possess.

This is the second track from Mickeen’s EP “Bad Habits” which comes out in late August. EP will contain artists such as Katrīna Kreile, Ods and Zeļģis.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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