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Mothland is thrilled to announce the signing of Latvian artist Elizabete Balčus

The neo-psychedelic dream pop artist releases new single and music video “Hotel Univers” out June 16th, 2022 via Mothland!

Coming up with bold, new ideas is something the classical and jazz-trained flautist Elizabete Balcus has never been short of.

Elizabete Balčus‘ dream-pop delight of a debut album was performed live with edible instruments, a prosthetic leg turned into a synth as she wore homemade costumes that Dali would likely have been proud to have stashed around his house.

On new release “Hotel Universe“, she continues to embrace the surreal.

Balčus‘ reverb-y Björk-esque vocal, orchestral flute arrangements, and slew of synths and drum machines serve as the palette from which she draws her dreams.

The song was recorded and produced by Elizabete Balčus before being mixed in a studio with Silvestrs Zemgals. The final touch came from vintage mastering specialist Henryk Lipp. The Grammy nominated producer added the final shine and sparkle by running it through lots of cool valves and vintage gear.

Of the track, the road-worn Balčus, who spent much of the last few years staying in hotels on tour in Europe, East Asia and Western Canada, says:

“I dreamt of a hotel in a retro-futuristic place in a parallel universe, where everything is one and everything is interconnected. Later, every time I was in the process of creating, I was consciously putting myself back in that dream. It’s like meditation, being in a dreamlike state.”

The result is a captivating, dynamic arrangement, which eschews conventional pop structure and reflects the exhilarating extremes our mind can take us to.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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