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Múr releases Ārstēšanās (Treatment)

On the morning of 11 August Múr releases her new single Ārstēšanās (Treatment). The indie pop-rock track has been recorded and produced in London by Madara Murnikova and Daniel Guillermo Sauceda. 

“Ārstēšanās (Treatment) invites to wake to the charm of reminisce with a doomsday perception of lost love” Múr says. She presumes that “necessary treatment for the ones grasping for air will be continuous and endless”. She adds that song meanings transform over time and now the track simbolizes the beauty of aging, self-discovery and new beginnings for her.

The song was originally composed more than 5 years ago and back then Múr listeners heard it and grew fond of it at concerts and Múr’s Sofar Sounds Riga performance in 2019 – 

Múr promises new surprises in the coming months and is confident that Ārstēšanās has healing powers. See for yourself –

Ārstēšanās sound has darkened over time and become more melancholic and effortless – not unlike to how memories age.

The music video will be available soon on Múr’s social media channels:

MEL editor

MEL editor

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