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Múr releases third single “Stood Quiet” from upcoming minialbum

The author and producer Múr releases third and final single Stood Quiet (Stāvam Klusi) from her upcoming third studio minialbum Disbalanss. The record was made in London, UK with music producer Daniel Guillermo Sauceda from Miami, USA.

Stood Quiet (Stāvam Klusi) sonically differs from first two singles Tu Mani Turi and Ārstēšanās with overdrive of melancholy and notes of R&B influences. Múr recorded the new minialbum Disbalanss in London where she’s currently living and studying Masters in music production.

The author adds: “It was important for me to have a piece in the album to produce by myself. It allowed creating a space for self-exploration as a producer, and the results have brought contentment. This song resonates with me the deepest. Stood Quiet is the most honest, relaxed, and possibly the most beautiful track on Disbalanss”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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