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Múr releases third studio album for dark winter nights

Musician Múr today, 1 December, releases indie pop mini album “Disbalanss” (Imbalance) for those with ‘chronic tendency for nostalgia’. Record was made in London where she’s studying for a master’s degree in music production.

Múr (Madara Murnikova) released her debut album “Under Allure” in December 2017 and it was followed by mini album “Nekas Vairs Nav Skaisti” (Nothing is Beautiful Anymore) in September 2018. The new mini album “Disbalanss” is the first which the artist releases as a producer and a mixing and mastering engineer. “I’ve spent the last five years learning and crafting my skills to get to this point where I both know the recording and mixing process to the bone and can also confidently lead my team” Madara says. “It was important for me to keep my hand on the pulse in every step because I knew that only decisions very much authentic to me will result in something I’m proud of. And that’s this album.”

“Disbalanss” covers a larger range of emotions than previous works. In the album, emotional and nostalgic tracks like “Stāvam Klusi” (Stood Quiet) and bonus track “Jēga” (Purpose) can be found, as well as alternative and electronic dance rhythms in the track “Puzle” (Jigsaw). Album contains five tracks, an outro and two bonus tracks.
Musicians from all around the globe participated in the making of the album. It was produced by Múr (Madara Murnikova), Daniel Guillermo Sauceda from USA and Ohmri Young from the UK. Morten Rosnes from Norway participated in the mastering of “Stāvam Klusi”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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