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Musician Patriks Peterson has released a new song

On Friday, 3 December, the young musician Patriks Peterson released a new, emotionally saturated song “Can’t Get You Outta My Head”, augmented with a music video. The artist reveals that together with the release of the new single he has fulfilled a long-standing dream.

The song “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” was written by Patriks Peterson himself and produced by Kaspars Ansons.

“For several years now, I have been dreaming of releasing one of the songs for which I have written both the music and the lyrics, and this dream has finally come true,” says Peterson. “The song was actually made at the beginning of this year, in a bright and delightful stage of life. Thus the song is positive – about finding yourself, falling in love, about the joy that the other person brings. I want to pass on these feelings and positive emotions, which I felt while writing the song, to every listener as well,” Patriks reveals.

The music video of the song was directed by Artūrs Streļuks, and the duties of the cinematographer and editor were entrusted to Elvis Lācis. The actress in the clip is Madara Martinkena-Igaune, and the style and make-up was done by Iluta Reinberga.

“Like many things in life, this clip should not be taken literally. Often a time comes in a relationship when one wants to end it, but they don’t know how to tell the other. Often in such moments we break each other and become cold. The feeling of “freedom” comes with the break up. Portrayed is a fictional story with a completely different subtext… This is a story about a young man who, unable to escape from a relationship and in suffering, comes up with the same solution every time – that he has to push it to the end himself,” explains Streļuks, the director of the video.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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