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New EP and music video from the Latvian band “Cellar Cat”


On November 26, the Latvian alternative rock band Cellar Cat released their first EP “Broken Glass” with 6 songs, and their first music video this year.

Coming from an indie rock and britpop background, Cellar Cat have become considerably heavier for the EP. One can hear influences from artists like Foo Fighters, Bring Me The Horizon and Architects. At the same time, the music has not lost the band’s traditional melodiousness.

This is confirmed by the first music video for a song from the EP – “Drag Me Out”. The band wrote the song as a statement of justice, encouraging people to take their lives in their own hands and rely on trustworthy people only. Following a catchy guitar riff, the lyrics tell about a person’s disappointment and anger at the modern world order. The song questions whether the protagonist is the one who failed the world, or it is the rest of the world that failed them. Nothing feels real and honest anymore.

Cellar Cat frontman Alex talks about the EP and music video:

“We are amateur musicians who work at regular day jobs, so we rarely recorded new songs and filmed videos before. Now, being locked up at home during the pandemic, we decided it was time to release something more substantial. We started working on the EP in the beginning of the year, and the work was hampered by restrictions on meetings. We recorded and produced all of the music ourselves, so we often had to make video calls and help each other remotely.

The music video was filmed in August – in the gym of an abandoned factory. What’s interesting is that we had to stop filming at one point, as a tiny bird crawled into the gym through a gap and began smashing against the windows. So we all started running around trying to catch it to let it out from the building. In the end we rescued the bird, so we surely can say that the video was not filmed in vain:)”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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