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New music project – Signia

Singer Signija Taranenko with a stage name SIGNIA at the end of last year surprised with “Musical Advent Calendar” when she posted 24 Christmas song cover versions on her YouTube channel. Last week Signia presented her first original song “Where Are You”.

New singer from a small town works in a pharmacy as a pharmacist’s assistant for a couple of days a week, the rest of her time she spends singing. Currently active in a group “Carnelian” and sings as a back vocalist to Atis Auzans. Participates in a variety of musical projects and charity events cooperating with and

About the song Signia says: “I wrote this song 2 years ago and then I was asked – who is it about? I said it certainly wasn’t about me. Time has passed, circumstances and events have changed my life a lot, and now I can associate this song with myself and finally sing it really out of my heart.”

The song is about love we’re waiting for, searching for and finding if we get lucky. If we don’t, we keep waiting and looking for “the one”. About dreams that we all want to come true, we give them up when it gets hard, and then believe them again meeting the right people. The song is about those who are searching. About You too. Whatever you’re looking for – love, happiness, inspiration or yourself – this is the story of not giving up.

The author of words and music is Signija Taranenko herself. In the recording work the points on “i”’s were placed by producer Kaspars Ansons, but producers who worked on it were Arturs Palkevics and Gaitis Lazdans. Video made by Eriks Saksons. Costume design – Ilze Kasa.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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