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New platform for music & other creative industries ‘RIGaLIVE’

A new event combining workshops, lectures and concerts will take place in Riga on 6th and 7th of September. It will offer both education and entertainment – the conference part is set to attract the professionals of creative industries, but concerts by local and foreign artists will be opened for everyone.

The new event – a city festival of workshops, songwriting camps and live shows – is called “RIGaLIVE”. It’s organized by Latvian Music Development Association / Latvian Music Export Office.

“The purpose of the event is to stimulate the professional development of locals working with music or other creative industries. We’ll focus on networking, experience exchange and professionalism. This year in September the main theme is music, and the main attraction will be the songwriting camps,” says Agnese Cimuška, executive director of the Latvian Music Export Office.

Songwriting camps will go on for two days and they’ll be led by local and internationally known participants – producers, authors and performers. The attendees will be split in several groups, each consisting of three people – an author, a performer and a producer. At the end of each day there will be a special listening session with a group of representatives from record labels, radio DJs, several other producers and professionals of the music industry. There will be a possibility to register the new-made songs for “Supernova 2018” and Lithuanian “Eurovision 2018” contests.

The registration for the songwriting camps and more info about the event is available on Facebook –

“RIGaLIVE” is supported by “LaIPA”, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, “Live Riga”, “Zemgus Poligrāfijas Serviss”, “Rocket Bean Roastery”,”Majlietu Sala”, “Tava Skaņa” and others.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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